daily makeup routine


I finally started my youtube channel, and as already many girls out there – I started a makeup tutorial channel. For starters I’m at the moment stylist school student, learning everything there is about makeup, hair, styling.  In my channel I will show ways how I have adapted what I have learnt at school. From very simple day makeup (as the first one) to extraordinaire fantasy styles. I will post most of the videos as speed-tutorials.

Here is the youtube video: http://youtu.be/OpxSM90qyTs

So about the daily makeup routine products I used:

  • eys : Just makeup eyeshadow palette (I’m not sure it’s possible to get this brand outside Russia, but I got it in Moscow, their online webpage: http://just-make-up.ru/), colors: nude, white, brown. Oriflame Very Me liner in “black”, Giordani waterproof mascara in “black”.
  • face : Oriflame studio artist primer; Giordani adaptive foundation in “porcelain”; Kryolan transparent powder, Oriflame star powder
  • lips : Flormar lip gloss in “clear”
  • eyebrows: Oriflame eyebrow shadows

To try out this look, you can replace any of these products I used with yours to achieve the same look.


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