Siouxsie inspied gothic punk look

Inspired by 80s gothic punk look and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Products I used:

  • eyes : MakeUpFactory eyeshadow base; Dzintars shimmer eyeshadow; JUST makeup palette colors violet, ultra violet and lavander, white; Sephora nano eyeliner in black; Manhattan white kajal; GOSH mascara.
  • face : Oriflame studio artist primer; Oriflame studio artist foundation; Kryolan transparent powder
  • Contouring : JUST eyeshadow in violet
  • eyebrows: Just eyeshadow in violet
  • Lips: Micabella pigment in violet mixed with Flormar clear lipgloss

Face: to create this look start by priming face with primer, then use foundation, for better results use flat synthetic kabuki brush. Powder face with Kryolan transparent powder.  Eyes: start with typical vamp eye look by putting black eyeliner on outer corner in a straight line and eyelash line. Smudge it upwards. Put violet eyeshadow in smudged area and blend in well. Use lavender eyeshadow to blend the violet together. Put a bit of violet eyeshadow on inside corners of eye. Use black liner for eyes, draw it all the way on upper lash line. Draw white pencil on lower lash line. Use black pencil for drawing strokes down the eyes.
Contouring: use greyish violet color either eyeshadow or a blush (might be very hard to find exact shade as a blush).
Eyebrows: Draw long extended eyebrows with violet eyeshadow or brow shadow, you may also use pencils instead of shadows.

MakeupBee page for this look:




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