first win and first place

I was keeping myself so busy for past two months that had no time to update this blog. From starters, I went to St.Petersburg (Russia) to attend to Nevskie Berega makeup contests: Podium makeup and Fantasy makeup categories. I was in Juniors categories. No nominations, but overall it was an amazing experience.. So when the opportunity came to attend to next competition held in my own country, sure there was no second thinking and I just went for it with the same Podium makeup as for SPb contest only with different outfit. And guess what.. I got first place! My very first nomination and at once its the highest possible you can get. I was so thrilled yesterday on stage that I had no words to describe my feelings.

I will post later on the winning look when I get professional photos, but here are the SPb contest looks:

Fantasy entry and

Podium entry


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