Bodyart contest entry “Seasons” April 12th

Finally got the chance to edit video from the contest with original track which was suppose to be on background for this, not something which was playing when defile happened.. (:
Art by me, Anda MASQ, video post production by me.
Modeled by Māra Indriksone.
Photo and video material by Māris Greidāns
Music by Dmitry Distant – “Monk”

For the bodyart I used mostly Kryolan aqua and creme colors.
Inspiration actually came form The Lord of the Rings movie from the “trees” (:


video from Nevskie Berega bodyart competition

I literary edited this the whole night.. finally got to instal in my lappy some video editing software, had already forgotten how to use it since my last lappy broke down in fall.
This is how it all went down in this years February where I won 1st place for bodyart in brush/sponge category. Theme was “Illusion”. My idea about my character was transparency:cosmos/human/nature.

Behind the scenes for filming my fashion lines new collection video

This all happened on a pretty warm day at the end of July in Rigas Old town studio. Since we all are very new at this, it took as while to set up, but I think the end product is very good! All the process took us more than 12 hours of creative work, rain in between, no eating or drinking, or resting for the most of the time, and satisfaction with the work at the end.

So here are some behind the scenes photos! Video post coming up later today.

makeup process

cosmetic products

cosmetic products

Makeup process Makeup process Just eyeshadows

I used JUST eyeshadows, Inglot loose pigment shadows, Oriflame Giordani foundation, Kryolan translucent powder, MakeupFactory fixing powder, Laurendor lipstick.


Bits from filming.

Siouxsie inspied gothic punk look

Inspired by 80s gothic punk look and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Products I used:

  • eyes : MakeUpFactory eyeshadow base; Dzintars shimmer eyeshadow; JUST makeup palette colors violet, ultra violet and lavander, white; Sephora nano eyeliner in black; Manhattan white kajal; GOSH mascara.
  • face : Oriflame studio artist primer; Oriflame studio artist foundation; Kryolan transparent powder
  • Contouring : JUST eyeshadow in violet
  • eyebrows: Just eyeshadow in violet
  • Lips: Micabella pigment in violet mixed with Flormar clear lipgloss

Face: to create this look start by priming face with primer, then use foundation, for better results use flat synthetic kabuki brush. Powder face with Kryolan transparent powder.  Eyes: start with typical vamp eye look by putting black eyeliner on outer corner in a straight line and eyelash line. Smudge it upwards. Put violet eyeshadow in smudged area and blend in well. Use lavender eyeshadow to blend the violet together. Put a bit of violet eyeshadow on inside corners of eye. Use black liner for eyes, draw it all the way on upper lash line. Draw white pencil on lower lash line. Use black pencil for drawing strokes down the eyes.
Contouring: use greyish violet color either eyeshadow or a blush (might be very hard to find exact shade as a blush).
Eyebrows: Draw long extended eyebrows with violet eyeshadow or brow shadow, you may also use pencils instead of shadows.

MakeupBee page for this look:



Japanese doll

Inspired by Japanese geisha and dolls in general, martial arts.

Products I used:

  • eyes : MakeUpFactory eyeshadow base; Stella i-Divine matte palette Brights; GOSH Mascara in black; MAC gel liner; Oriflame eyeliner in black; Inglot AMC pure pigment eyeshadow #76
  • face : Oriflame studio artist primer; Kryolan AQUA color in white; Kryolan transparent powder
  • Contouring : Sleek i-Divine matte palette Brights – hot pink
  • eyebrows: Oriflame kohl pencil in black

Face: to create this look start by priming face with Oriflame primer (or any other primer), then use Kryolan Aqua color in white all over the face, for better results use kabuki brush. Powder face with Kryolan transparent powder.  Eyes: start with tipical cut crease look by putting black kohl eyeliner right into crease part, draw it out from the eye corner as in picture. Smudge it upwards. Put hot pink eyeshadow in smudged area and blend in well. Use light pink eyeshadow to blend the hot pink together with white face color. Put a bit or white shine, I used Inglot #76 pure pigment loose eyeshadow, up the natural eyebrow place and on cheeks. Use black liner for eyes, draw it all around the eyes in different thickness to create almond shaped eye, draw a little stroke outside the eye corner, below cut crease line.
Contouring: use hot pink blush (or you can even use eyeshadow as I did) for contouring. blend in well with face.
Eyebrows: draw spiked lines upwards with a liner brush, they have to be very precise.


MakeupBee link: